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    The solution

    Provide data integration、Virtualization、Operational monitoring、Multistage disaster preparedness plan, etc,To provide users with professionalORACLEProduct support and practical information solutions。

    Big data

    Big data is21New century — Is to change the enterprise、The government、Personal life all aspects of the new power。In modern times,Big data are widely used in the enterprise process modeling、Process control and business operations!

    Information security

    With the help of aOraclePowerful database activity monitoring and blocking、Authorized users and multiple elements of access control、Data classification、Transparent data encryption、Unified audit and reporting、The safety of configuration management。

    OracleFast data

    OracleFast data solution can speed up the business insight and measures for the implementation,And the economic value in high speed data and a large number of data。The world is changing fast today than ever before。

    More solutions

    Data integration solutions、Virtualization solutions、Operational monitoring solution、Multistage disaster solution、Business intelligence solutions、OracleFast data solution、Information security solutions、Big data solutions。

    Product line