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Professional manufacturer of steel structure productionIn science and technology as the guide,The quality strives for the survival!
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In science and technology as the guide,The quality strives for the survivalTo science and technology as the guide, quality of survival
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Hunan often angang construction co., LTD-Chang Degang structure|Changde shearing machine|Changde lapping machine|Steel structure production equipment|Iron and steel company

Mature management experience and steel structure design、Production、The installation technology

  Often angang structure co., LTD., established in hunan2009Years4Month,The company is located in chang DE city economic development zone of wuling emperor of three wood,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Cover an area of an area30m,Has a modern production workshop15000Square meters,Annual production capacity1.2Ten thousand tons。The company has domestic advanced level of the steel structure production equipment,Including the numerical control flame cutting machine、HSteel group of state machine、Gantry automatic submerged arc welding machine、Flange straightening machine、Blast cleaning unitHSteel production line,Configure inverter submerged arc automatic welding machine、Gas shielded welding machine、Shearing machine、Plate bending rolls、Electric hoist and lathe、Radial drilling machine、Magnetic drill and other auxiliary machinery processing equipment,Complete advanced equipment to ensure that the company's production quality。 Company has strong technical force,The existing staff65People,The engineering and technical management personnel15Name(Senior titles5Name、Intermediate title10Name),Skilled workers50Name。Company set up Marketing Department、Design department、Production...
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  • Often construct company gate plant of anyang iron &steel co
  • Often angang construct company production workshop on location
  • Often angang company production workshop interior structure
  • Office buildings
  • Panoramic view of the factory

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QSteel structure factory building performance

  The lower villa roof are mostly for slope roof,So roof structure basically USES is made of cold bending steel components triangular roof truss system,Light steel structural plate after sealing components...

QThe advantages and disadvantages of steel structure workshop

  1 Wide range of USES:Can be used in the factory、The warehouse、Office buildings、The gym、Hangar and so on。Suitable for both single large span construction,Can also be used to build multi-story or high-rise buildings。...

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