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10YearsLEDIndustrial and mining lamp kit、LEDOmni suite manufacturers

LEDLamps and lanterns is efficient cooling solution provider

SetLEDHeat dissipation suite of research and development、Production、The sale in a body

Industry leader in the national high-tech enterprises,Focus on the core technology development

For the global customersLEDEfficient heat dissipation customized solutions in the field of lamps and lanterns, etc。

Outdoor lighting efficient heat lamps and lanterns of research and development patent certificate
High and new technology enterprise 10Years of professional research and development production of lamps and lanterns suite manufacturers

Modern production management quality is stable

Sophisticated production equipment,Perfect quality management system

From raw materials to product shipment,After dozens of working procedure inspection,To ensure that products meet quality requirements and safety standards

The products are throughCE/ROHS/PSECertification


Factory direct sale,Good production and sales0Link

Say goodbye to the traditional operation mode,From production to sales to achieve the middle0Link,To maximize the benefit to the customer

The blue one, and always adhere to the“Technological innovation、Quality is stable”The high standards

Lamps and lanterns suite of products sold at home and abroad and to establish long-term cooperative relations

Factory direct sale A high-volume, low-margin business High cost performance
365Days24Hours full thoughtful after-sales service

365Days24Hours full thoughtful after-sales service

Short production cycle,Quick delivery,Quality problems7Within a day100%Return,Let you have no trouble back at home

7*24Hours phone service,If you have any questions at any time the response

Have professional comming back a month,Make sure that all the problems are settled


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Dongguan blue one and metal products co., LTD

Dongguan blue one and metal products co., LTD

Dongguan blue one and metal products co., LTD,Is located in the town of dongguan city phoenix hillock,Company is mainly in producing aluminum fin chipLEDThe cooling suite。Main business products:LEDIndustrial and mining lamp kit,LEDOmni suite,LEDCast light kit;LEDFins radiator shell suite of lamps and lanterns and other products。Dongguan blue one, and always adhering to the metal products co., LTD“The sincerity、The good faith、Sincere、Be honest”The management idea,Take the market as the guidance,Take the quality as the center,Products from incoming material、Production、The factory fully controlled,To ensure that products meet quality requirements and safety standards。If we always adhere to the industrialization、Scale to the development of the competitive idea,Strive to become China's professional outdoor lamps shell suite......

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  • LEDLighting applications

    ledFloodlightLEDLighting development situation

    ledLighting -LEDLighting development situation LEDWhite light step off the above has been introducedLEDThe characteristics and performance improvement,The white light and developed is applied to various occasionsLEDThe lamp,ButLEDLight step beyond。...



    2018Blue a National Day holiday notice

    October 1 National Day is coming,According to the provisions of the state,Combined with the actual situation of our company,Will now2018Notify the following year the National Day and Mid-Autumn festival holiday:



    The blue one and notify the May Day holiday

    All the staff:The company decision research,2018In the May Day holiday and arrange paid leave time is as follows:

  • LEDLighting applications

    LEDHow to determine industrial and mining of the light source?

    As the industrial powers in China,In the energy consumption of the factory,Lighting energy consumption occupies a certain weight。So,Using new typeLEDFor lighting lighting lamps and lanterns of raw materials—LEDIndustrial and mining lamp,To achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection,Become the focus of attention。...



    Industrial and mining lamp kit is different from general lighting tools

    Industrial and mining lamp suite scope:Electronics factory、The computer factory、Food factory、Building materials factory, and so on。Follow it open,A lot of company employees will ask,Why is it open to be so good,Before the beginning of the belt line,Can saying is popular with consumers,Why equipment industrial and mining lamp kit production line will be crossed belt line,What special features does it have?



    What is the difference between industrial and mining lamps and floodlights

    Many people see mining lights and floodlights in the first place,All think they are the same kind of light。It's not like this,Industrial and mining lamp with omni is not the same kind of light。Below we together to tell once they are different! Industrial and mining lamp it can aim at any one direction,And has not affected by the climate condition of structure。



    LEDThe characteristics of the floodlight and advantage

    It's going to use industrial lighting factory nowLEDOmni,ButLEDFloodlight price is higher than the average energy-saving light some,So whyLEDOmni will be so popular?What isLEDFloodlight?And see it together! LEDOmni refers to the factory, etc. Used in the production siteledLighting lamps and lanterns。


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