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  • ZH-YSD-G20Type of pharmacology、Multi-purpose instrument physiological experiment
  • ZH-SZType Balance the rotating apparatus
  • ZH-YLS-1CSmall animal activity recorder(Stand-alone version)
  • ZH-YLS-1B (Stand-alone version) Multi-function recorder autonomic activity in rats
  • ZH-YLS-12AType Rat tail light pain measurement instrument
  • Locator for the upgradeKDS130Type Trace injection pump(Touch screen version)
  • ZH-CJSuper constant temperature water bath tank
  • ZH-LFHeart perfusion in vitro of system
  • ZH-SXGroove type constant temperature
  • ZH-ZIn vitro organ measurement system
  • JL-FType Digital display type thermal pain measurement instrument
  • ZH-LUO/BType Rat tail of field measuring instrument
  • MD3000/8 Biological signal collection and processing system(Eight channels)
  • ZH-SMTSleep deprivation device
  • ZH-B-III Constant temperature pika anatomy
  • ZH-JN Virtual laboratory(The simulation lab)
  • ZH-KSYYIntravenous drug delivery system
  • ZHMultimedia synchronization feedback system
  • ZH-JCTInformatization all-in-one biological signal collection and processing system
  • DW-3000The little animal of artificial breathing machine(Video)
  • DJW-1Electric lines drums(Single drum)
  • ZH-JWGSingle drum electric lines drums(The export trade type)
  • DW-3000SDual channel of animal breathing machine
  • MD8000N Multi-parameter monitor
  • Animal breathing machine
  • ZH-MZJType of animal anesthesia machine
  • MD3000/8Biological function experiment system
  • MD3000Biological signal collection and processing system(Video)
  • MD3000-EType Informatization of biological signal collection and processing system
  • ZH-GLIn vitro tissue perfusion apparatus
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